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8 Farr25 - New Boat

  • YEAR: 2015
  • CURRENT PRICE: €58,995
  • LOCATION: Turkey

The Farr 250 is an exciting, affordable entry level racing boat for the HP30 Class.

With one of the lowest displacement to length ratios and an IRC rating of 1.050 this boat will be very competitive in the fleet.

Versatility, simplicity and balance are the hallmarks of this unique design, which has impressed sailors with excellent performance over the course of the last three years. 

The Farr 25 meets the performance requirements with a beautifully shaped hull (developed at the same time as the Volvo 70s), an exceptional ballast ratio of 50%, a light displacement of only 930kg (2050lbs) and a displacement to length ratio of 77. 

Many sportboats are a thrill when reaching and running but become painful, pounding platforms when you turn the bow towards the wind.  The Farr 250 has the power relative to weight to be smooth-handling and sweet-riding upwind.  The 37m2 (400ft2) of upwind sail area is set on a carbon spar.  The 64m2 (690ft2) well proportioned spinnaker flies on a retractable bow sprit providing plenty of downwind horsepower.

8 Farr25 - New Boat


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